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Archbishop's Message

Archbishop of Hyderabad

Most. Rev. Thumma Bala, D.D.


n the 25th March this year we commemorated and celebrated that day in human history on which the Blessed Virgin Mary consented to the Eternal Father’s proposal to Her to conceive His Eternal only-begotten Son in Her womb as ‘the WORD become flesh’ through His creation of a true and complete human nature for Him in Her virginal womb through His own Holy Spirit, and thereby become the ‘gate of heaven’ for His Eternal Son to enter our world, clothed in our human nature, to encounter sinners face to face as Jesus the Lamb of God ‘who takes away the sins of the world,’ and invite them to abandon their native sin-death condition and share the holiness and immortality of His divine Sonship as the adopted children of His Eternal Father through His gift of the Holy Spirit to them:

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