Archbishop of Hyderabad Alleluia! The renewal of our baptismal life in the Holy Spirit during the recent paschal season this year brings us once again, this month of June, to the joy of celebrating the love of God’s only-begotten Son in His most Sacred Heart for His Eternal Father and for His faithful flock on earth as Head of His one Catholic Church. This, the Church does all over the world on the Friday following the solemnity of the Body and Blood of the Son our Lord Jesus Christ in accordance with His expressed revelation to St. Margaret Mary. The Saturday following the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is dedicated to the Immaculate Heart of His Virgin Mother Mary. From the time of Pope Leo XIII, the Popes have exhorted all Catholic families to renew their personal consecration to the Sacred Heart of God’s incarnate Son and to the Immaculate Heart of His Virgin Mother Mary for the sanctification of their personal and family lives and for their contribution to the sanctification of their parish life. This can be realized by them only through their sacramentally sustained commitment to fulfil the commandments, duties of their state of life and the will of the Eternal Father in their individual, family and parish lives every time they join the Eternal Son’s Holy Sacrifice of the Cross to His Eternal Father on the altar of their parish church by listening to and learning from His voice of truth and eating His Body and drinking His Blood in order to advance in their obedience of faith to His Eternal Father and make the love of the Sacred Heart for their everlasting salvation eschatalogically fruitful. The priestly service given by the parish priest and his fellow priests in the parish to fulfil this abiding love of the Sacred Heart of God’s only begotten Son for the little flock He has canonically entrusted to them for their sanctification and eternal salvation, is indeed very laudable, and will receive His own commendation at the hour of their death: ‘Well done, good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of the Lord !’