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Archbishop's Message

Archbishop of Hyderabad

Most. Rev. Thumma Bala, D.D.


he Eternal Father, through the bodily resurrection of His Son our Lord Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit, summons every human being to abandon the Sin-Death condition in which he or she has been born and be baptized ‘into Christ’ by His Apostolic ministry in this world to partake of the holiness of His Son our Lord Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit and express it in his or her everyday life in union with Christ according to His commandments, promises and duties of his or her state of life as His adopted children in this world, and become worthy of joining Him in the glory of His divine Sonship on ‘the last day’ by being raised bodily by Him from the dead in the Holy Spirit. This was why the Son our Lord Jesus Christ, before His bodily ascension in the Holy Spirit to His Eternal Father’s ‘right hand’ commissioned His Twelve Apostles to make all the nations His disciples by ‘baptizing them into the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and teaching them to observe’ all that He had commanded them (Mt 28: 18-20).

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