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The Year of Consecrated Life

A dove supports on one wing a polyhedral globe, and while resting on the water, it safeguards with the other wing three stars that arise from the water.

The Logo for the Year of Consecrated Life expresses through symbols the fundamental values of consecrated life. In it we recognize the “unceasing work of the Holy Spirit, who in every age shows forth the richness of the practice of the evangelical counsels through a multiplicity of charisms. In this way too he makes ever present in the Church and in the world, in time and space, the mystery of Christ” (VC 5).

In the lines that outline the form of the dove one can intuit the word ‘Peace’ in Arabic: this is a reminder that consecrated life is called to be the model for universal reconciliation in Christ.

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Ash Wednesday

The Logo for the Year of Consecrated Life

Archbishop's Message

Archbishop of Hyderabad

Most. Rev. Thumma Bala, D.D.

Let us, on the 8th September this year, join our Catholic Church which celebrates the birthday of our Lady the Blessed Virgin Mary all over the world in a holy and joyful manner. Let us with the Church express our joy on the nativity of our Holy and Blessed Mother Mary, Mother of God and Mother of the Church, in a variety of divinely inspired ways. Let us with the Church recollect and proclaim that Her nativity was the beginning of the historical fulfillment of the mysterious words spoken by God to the Serpent after Adam’s fall, about His future course of action for the eschatological deliverance, sanctification and salvation of fallen mankind from its dominion: “I will put enmity between you and the woman, between your seed and Her seed.

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ARCHBISHOP'S ENGAGEMENTS for the Month of October 2015

  • 01


    02 Oct 2015

    In Office – Abp’s House, Sec’bad

  • 03


    04 OCT 2015

    Not Available

  • 05


    08 OCT 2015

    In Office – Abp’s House, Sec’bad.




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