Archbishop of Hyderabad The Blessed Virgin Mary not only worked the miracle of the sun before a crowd of 70,000 people of all sorts at Fatima near Lisbon in Portugal on the13th October 1917 to confirm the truth of her monthly apparitions from 13th May of that year to Lucy, Jacintha and Francisco, but she also revealed herself as the Lady of the Rosary to them. Our Lady declared her specific identity at Lourdes to Bernadette in her own dialect: “I am the Immaculate Conception.” Likewise, She once again declared her specific identity to the three seers at Fatima as “I am the Lady of the Rosary” in their own Portuguese language. Every educated person both in the Catholic Church and in the Protestant world of that time understood what our Lady claimed herself to be by naming herself as ‘the Immaculate Conception’ because this name had been already defined by the Petrine office in its infallible proclamation of the dogma of the Immaculate conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary against every protestant and rationalist denial of that truth. In contradistinction, all that our Lady claimed herself to be when She declared herself to be “the Lady of the Rosary” apparently went largely unnoticed; and it has been so even to this day.

Here is what our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary, publicly claims to be by calling herself as “the Lady of the Rosary.” She is saying, ‘I am the Lady of the first joyfulmystery created ‘full of grace’ through whom the Lord God began to accomplish historically ‘the mystery of his will (Eph.1:9)’ by calling me to become the ever Virgin ‘Mother of the Word incarnate’ by conceiving and bearing His only begotten Son in true flesh and blood in my womb and bringing Him into this world as ‘the Son sent to give eternal life’ and the Lord God’s promised ‘Christ the Lord’ as declared in the gospel accounts of St. Luke and of St. John. And I am the Virgin Mother of the second joyful mystery Who carried God’s incarnate Son in my womb to the house of the priest Zachariah and Elizabeth (his wife and my kinswoman) and with astonishment heard Elizabeth loudly acclaim me as the ‘mother of my Lord’ when, ‘filled with the Holy Spirit’ she recognised that the babe in her womb was being anointed with the Holy Spirit by the Lord God’s incarnate Son in my womb. I was with Elizabeth during the birth of her anointed son and it was in my presence that God restored the power of speech to dumb Zacharias and I heard him proclaim, firstly, the glory of God and the identity and mission of the Lord God’s Son in my womb as ‘the mighty Savior raised up by Him in the house of David our father’ to fulfill all His promises of covenantal life promised for the descendants of Abraham and for ‘all the families of the world’ and secondly, the identity and mission of his new born son John as ‘the prophet of the Most High who would go before Him and prepare a people’ who would be worthy of receiving His promised salvation. I am the Virgin Mother Mary who has witnessed, remembered and pondered on all these wonders that the Lord God worked in their house during my three months stay with them, as related in the gospel according to St. Luke. And I am the Virgin Mother Mary of the third joyful mystery who delivered God’s incarnate Son from my virginal womb in perpetual virginity to see the light of day in the starlit manger of Bethlehem and personally heard and habitually remembered the wondrous testimony given by God through His angels to those shepherds at Bethlehem that night even as He had prophesied through the prophet Micah (5/2) concerning Bethlehem ‘from you shall come forth for me one who is to rule Israel, whose origin is of old, from ancient days’. And I am the Virgin Mother who along with Joseph my husband not only presented my new born incarnate Son of God to the Lord God in His Temple in fulfillment of His Law and but also personally heard and habitually remembered the public proclamation in the Holy Spirit of that holy man Simeon and the widow Anna in the Temple concerning my divine Son on that occasion that my divine Son Jesus is God’s promised salvation and the promised light of the Gentiles and the glory of His people Israel. And I am the Lady of the fifth joyful mystery who heard with my own ears my divine Son’s personal disclosure of His divine identity and mission in those mysterious words He uttered to me in the Lord God’s Temple ‘Did you not know that I must be about My father’s affairs?’ And who else but me witnessed for thirty long years my divine Son’s singularly perfect love for His eternal Father and human obedience of faith to Him in my home in Nazareth particularly in the fulfillment of His fourth commandment as the promised ‘great light’ amidst a people ‘who walked in darkness’ and ‘lived in a land of deep darkness’ as prophesied by the Lord God through Isaiah (9/2). And I am the Lady of the luminous mysteries who stands witness to the public testimony given by the eternal Father to the eternal Sonship of my Son Jesus to John the Baptist and to all Israel as declared in all the four gospel accounts, from the moment my divine Son received John’s baptism and accepted to become the promised suffering servant of the Lord God His eternal Father by undergoing death at the hands of all the unbelievers of Israel in order to make of himself ‘an offering for sin’ to effect the new and eschatological Passover and exodus and bring the new covenant into existence and baptise repentant Israel and all the repentant sinners of the world into it through His gift of the Holy Spirit to them, after His glorification as the Lord God’s promised Christ and ‘priest according to the order of Melchizedek’ and the glorious ‘Son of man’ at His own right hand in heaven through His bodily resurrection from the dead and bodily ascension in the Holy Spirit to the right hand of God the Father Himself. And was it not through the sign worked by my divine Son at my intervention at the marriage feast of Cana that the Eternal Father revealed that the mission given by Him to me and to His incarnate Son was not in the old creation but in the new creation which He would bring into existence through the one bloody sacrifice that His incarnate Son Jesus would offer on the Cross when His hour would arrive for Him to do so? And was it not as ‘the woman’ of the sorrowful mysteries that I accompanied my divine Son Jesus throughout His sacred Passion and stood at the Cross, assisting my divine Son through the outpouring of my prayers in the Holy Spirit to his eternal Father for the successful and eschatalogical completion of His one redeeming sacrifice of the Cross until the Eternal Father’s incarnate Son addressed me from His cross ‘Woman, behold your Son’ and specifically defined my participation in His mission as the ‘Son sent to give eternal life’ to all those who obey Him and thereby bring the new creation into existence and effect its glorious completion on the ‘last day’ ? And is it not as ‘the Queen’ of the glorious mysteries that I stand ‘clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and on her head a crown of twelve stars’ participating in the mission of My divine Son at His Father’s right hand as the eternally ordained mother of all His disciples in this new creation after My divine Son came with all His holy Angels to transport me bodily in the glory of His divine Sonship into heaven at the end of my earthly life of faith , hope and charity for His eternal Father? I, as the Lady of the Rosary is all that is testified concerning me and my divine Son not only in the four gospels but in the entirety of God’s word of promise and fulfillment in His sacred scriptures. And this is why I ask all My children in this new creation to ponder on these historically accomplished twenty mysteries with me and join me in my unceasing hymn of praise to the Blessed Trinity to make reparation for all the denials, blasphemies and sacrileges which they receive from the ignorant, arrogant and defiant sinners of this world. Console your God who has already been immensely offended and obtain the conversion and salvation of poor sinners thoughtlessly heading to the hell of everlasting damnation.

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