Archdiocese of Hyderabad

Family Apostolate

Aims & Objectives Of The Family Apostolate

To make Christian Families and their welfare the top priority of the Church. And to recognize their central role in promoting God's plan for humanity and the Church.

To strengthen the bonds in family and empower them to further the cause of Christ of building God's kingdom in this world.

Creating a Christian atmosphere where Christ is the center of family life and a where Gospel values are practiced.

Guiding young men and women to understand Christian marriage and family life by discovering the dignity and beauty of the Sacrament of Marriage.

Helping to heal the brokenness in marriages and families when they encounter discord and conflict.

FAMILY APOSTOLATE is presently involved in the following activities at the Archdiocesan level:

  • Marriage Preparation Course (MPC) - is held nine out of twelve months. It is held for those who are entering the Sacrament of Marriage. It is mandatory for such couples.
  • Marriage Encounter (ME) - This is an enrichment program for couples / priests / sisters. It is held twice a year and is a residential program
  • Couple and Family Enrichment - Building positive and life-giving relations in the family and among married couples by a series of enrichment sessions.
  • World Couples Day: This event is held on the Archdiocesan level every second Sunday of February. Married couples from different parishes (two from each parish) come together for a celebration where the archbishop celebrates mass and felicitates Jubilarian couples.
  • World Grandparents Day: This day is specially instituted by Pope Francis and is celebrated in July.
  • Listening and Counseling: A dedicated team of counselors who are available for Counseling and empathetic listening be it individuals, students and married couples at venues in Secunderabad and Hyderabad. Contact Number: +91 7337494032

Activities Proposed

Parents-Children Interactions: Digital Free Family Hour (DFFH) is a programme where the family sits together, prays, eats, speaks and plays together for an hour, at the most, without the use of any electronic device.

Family Cells: to empower families and enrich parish family life; to build Christ-centered homes that pray. The role of the Family Cell is to build, nurture and enrich relationships within and across the families of the parish. The cell comprises of five to six families with a religious sister or two or/and the assistant parish priest, helping them to interact with one another, creating formative small communities and becoming a leaven in the parish. The Family Cell meets once a month in the church premises.

Home Mission: Extensive visits to families offering comfort and solidarity to families in the Parishes with the help of Priests, Religious, Parish Council members, BCC members and Seminarians. This mission is to visit, listen, learn and reach out to the cares and concerns of the families.

Elizabeth Retreats: Retreats for pregnant women and expectant parents. Held in the month of December every year.

Teams: A team of dedicated and trained couples, Religious sisters, priests and laity

  • Marriage Preparation Course Team
  • Family Apostolate Team
  • Jeevadhara Team (Counselling team)

Fr. David Francis

Director, Family Apostolate

Third World Day for the Grandparents and Elderly 2023

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16th Sunday in Ordinary Time – Year A

Introduction and Welcome

(All the Grandparents and Elders may be received by ushers and encouraged to occupy the first pews)


Today the Church celebrates the 3 rd World Day of Grandparents and the Elderly. Pope Francis instituted this Day in 2021 since, he believes, grandparents are often forgotten, yet they "are the link between generations, passing on the experience of life and faith to the young."

As we reflect on the theme for this year chosen by Pope Francis "His mercy is from age to age" (Luke 1: 50) we pray for our grandparents and elderly in our family and society, that they may be blessed abundantly for revealing God’s merciful actions in their words and actions through the relationships they share.

In his message for you this year, Pope Francis recalls that the theme “His mercy is from age to age” (Lk 1:50), takes us back to the joyful meeting between the young Mary and her elderly relative Elizabeth (Lk 1:39-56). The Holy Spirit had descended upon Elizabeth, and had earlier, descended upon Mary, prompting her to respond with the Magnificat, in which she proclaimed that the Lord’s mercy is from generation to generation.

That same Spirit, the Pope observes in the Message, "blesses and accompanies every fruitful encounter between different generations: between grandparents and grandchildren, between young and old."

As we begin this Holy Eucharist, the lighting of the candle is a reminder of God’s presence around us and within us. Dear grandparents and elderly, you are a living sign of the goodness of God who bestows life in abundance. You are models of faith and perseverance to the young who rely on you as a sign of hope. We want to tell you that you are precious, loved, cared and wanted. Let us take this light to brighten our lives and the lives of everyone we touch, so that they can see and experience the tenderness of God’s love through us and our perseverance and faith in Him.

Entrance Hymn

Mass Begins

Penitential Rite


Readings of the day

1st Reading – Wisdom 12:13, 16-19;

Responsorial Psalm – Psalms 86:5-6, 9-10, 15-16;

2nd Reading – Romans 8:26-27;

Alleluia – CF. Matthew 11:25;

Gospel – Matthew 13:24-43

- Homily

- Apostles Creed

Prayer of the Faithful

(Prayer introduction by the Celebrant)

CELEBRANT: God’s love endures forever. We thank him for the gift of our grandparents and the elderly and place before him their needs.

Our response is: HEAR YOUR CHILDREN, O LORD.

  • For the Holy Father, Bishops, Clergy, Religious & Lay Faithful; that we may all care for and ensure the well-being of our grandparents and the elderly… we pray to the Lord…
  • For all grandparents and elderly; that they may be blessed with good health, joy and peace of mind… we pray to the Lord…
  • For all families blessed with living grandparents; that they may live with deep respect and love for each other… we pray to the Lord…
  • For all the elderly abandoned by their families; that they may set aside their bitterness and enjoy the companionship of those who reach out to them in their loneliness… we pray to the Lord…
  • For our personal intentions; that the Lord may be generous in His love and mercy… (PAUSE for 7 secs)… we pray to the Lord…

CELEBRANT: Lord, we thank You for listening to the prayers we have made, especially for our grandparents and the elderly, who are our strong pillars of faith and values, through Christ our Lord. Amen.

OFFERTORY PROCESSION (optional, by grandparents/elders): Host and wine; Candles (one Packet); Chalice with a paten and water and wine cruets

Two grandparents (Two) – Host and wine; Youth (One) - Candles
Elders (Man and a Woman) – Chalice with a paten and water and wine cruets

Prayer at the end of Mass(after Communion Prayer)

Prayer to be said by the Grandparents and the Elderly

I give thanks to you, Lord, / for the blessing of a long life / For, to those who take refuge in You, / grant always to bear fruit.

Forgive, O Lord, / resignation and disillusionment, / but forsake me not / when my strength declines.

Teach me to look with hope / to the future you give me, / to the mission you entrust to me / and to sing your praises without end.

Make me a tender craftsman / of Your revolution, / To guard with love my grandchildren / and all the little ones who seek shelter in You.

Protect, O Lord, Pope Francis / and grant Thy Church / to deliver the world from loneliness. / Direct our steps in the way of peace. Amen.

Final Blessing

CELEBRANT: As we come to the end of our celebration this morning, we will pray our final blessing.

Invite the community to extend their hands over the grandparents and elderly while the Celebrant says the prayer:

Blessing on a long-life

God of mercy, / Who have given the gift of long life to Your children, / Grant them Your blessing.

Let them feel the sweetness and strength of Your presence / Turning back to the past, let them rejoice in Your mercy and / looking to the future, / let them persevere in the hope that does not die. / Praise and glory to You for ever and ever. Amen

Some Pastoral Guidelines for Parishes

  • Greet the Grandparents and elders after mass with a rose/gift/rosary. Can be presented by the youth of the parish.
  • Visiting the elderly who are alone. Involve the youth to reach out to even those who are the most isolated and deliver the Holy Father’s message to them.
  • Priests can visit and distribute communion to those who couldn’t attend the special mass.
  • Preparing for the day with the elderly. The Day's activities are mainly directed towards the elderly. Encourage by social media/phone/visit, to ensure as many elderly people as possible personally participate in the special Sunday liturgy.
  • Preparing for the day with the youth. The youth of the parish may be summoned a few weeks before the Day to explain it and to be sure that they reach as many elderly people as possible through their visits.
  • Young people can organize social campaigns to promote the Day.
  • Have your own special activities to make the grandparents/elderly feel a sense of belonging.
  • Part of the collection from the Day's Masses may be offered to supporting projects for the poor elderly people of one's community.

Prayer for the Third World Day for the Grandparents and Elderly 2023

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Third World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly - Telugu Liturgy