To evolve a new society, where people live in harmony, where there is total freedom for the complete growth of the individual, where each and every person is respected in dignity hence valuing peace, love, truth, justice and equality.


“Building a New Society”- “A just Society” - God’s Kingdom.


Change self – Change others - This means

  • To enable the personal growth of students and young teenagers promoting and strengthening their faith and commitment to society.
  • To enable the students to have better understanding of religion and a deep personal experience of God in their life.
  • To start, organize, revitalize and strengthen the Movement at Regional, diocesan and unit levels.
  • To help the students to realize and respond to the daily life situations according to the signs of the time.
  • To create awareness and enable the young to participate in the life of the society as a liberating force.
  • To orient the students towards building up a Basic Human Community at all levels.
  • To train the young through self-discovery, personality development, interpersonal skills, analytical and critical thinking, counselling, formation, animation and      group reflection.
  • To foster a good and effective leadership committed to faith and social norms.
  • To enable the students to take up their responsibilities by strengthening their values, attitudes and faith.
  • To make greater efforts to organise the rural and unorganized students/young and conscientize them for their integral development.
  • To bring unity, peace and harmony promoting ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue
  • To foster Eco-spirituality and holistic health
  • To collaborate with other similar and likeminded Movements and organizations.
  • To work in fellowship and solidarity with young people all over the world and to serve the real and concrete needs of young students.

In the Archdiocese of Hyderabad we have 14 schools who have implemented YCS/YSM methodology in their schools. In the past the student members of the YCS/YSM movement have grown to greater heights in their life. The present movement is also guiding and helping the students to develop leadership qualities and a strong personality. The YCS/YSM movement is guided and animated by the Youth Commission.