Archdiocese of Hyderabad

Hyderabad Archdiocese Social Service Society(HASSS)


The Hyderabad Archdiocese Social Service Society began its journey in the year 1973, to establish a just society, wherein all men, women and children experience a life of fullness and they are empowered to discover their potentialities, and enabled to live with dignity. HASSS envisages a Just and Peaceful World where people’s dignity is ensured and rights respected.

To identify/facilitate lasting solutions for all sections of society through various programs:

  • - Mobilize, capacitate and facilitate vulnerable poor communities to identify issues, create lasting solutions to end poverty
  • - Organize Community Based Organizations to sustain change and ensure people’s participation in all activities
  • - Promote strategies through which the potentials and capacities of the poor are accomplished and sustained
  • - Work in partnership with civil societies in building resilient communities to bring change they want in their lives

Chief Functionaries of HASSS

His Eminence Cardinal Poola Anthony

Archbishop of Hyderabad

Rev. Fr. Yeruva Bala

Vice-Chairman of HASSS

Rev. Fr. Madanu Anthony

Executive Director of HASSS

Core Values

  • Integrity - We consistently meet the highest level of ethics, professionalism and legal compliance in serving the poor and working with each other.
  • Honesty, Respect & Trust - We honor commitments, acknowledge legitimate differences of opinions and accept decisions reached with integrity.
  • Innovation & Flexibility - We are open to innovations to fulfill the organization’s vision, mission and goals effectively.
  • Dedicated Professional Work Force - We value our work and their Contribution in ensuring that we are all selfless Service, Commitments & Professionalism.


  • Women Empowerment - We organize vulnerable poor women by forming women self-help groups. Initiate savings, promote accessibility to credit, introduce books to promote transparency. Involve women stakeholders in all program activities and reduce gender disparity. Educate leaders to own, sustain the change. Take up advocacy, lobbying with like minded NGO's, government departments and ther institutions.
  • Education - Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. HASSS strives to promote quality, affordable education that ensures boys, girls at least complete their secondary education leading to effective learning outcomes.
  • Water Conservation - Water source of life. Preserving of traditional water bodies and need for water management. Ecology its importance and its impact. Climate change and variability. Promotion of green cover.
  • Dedicated Professional Work Force - We value our work and their Contribution in ensuring that we are all selfless Service, Commitments & Professionalism.
  • Agriculture - Importance of conventional farming Vermi composting and its relevance How to retain soil nutrients. Ujjwala is a project run by HASSS with the support of Caritas India. asss has taken 5 villages as target groups in the following Mandals of Jagevpur, Markook and Kondapak of Siddipet District. The overall objective of this project Ujjwala is Food and Livelihood Security expanding through promotion of Climate Resilient agriculture & Livelihoods and Farmers, producer organization making use of the possibilities for participation and greater involvement in all village activities. Pollution Free Poultry Farming, Nutrition Gardening, RZFT Tree Plantation.
  • Promotion of Health - HASSS works towards preventive and curative aspects of individual’s health and well being. Work with communities in educating on HIV / AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria, water borne and communicable diseases. Periodically organize medical campaigns such as general health, eye, dental and COVID 19 inoculation drives.
  • Persons with Special Needs - Identify widows, destitute and extend regular support. Recognize aged persons contributions made towards the society. Periodically organize get together for aged. HASSS extend medical support to the aged in need. Identify and support persons with special needs. Extend care and support.
  • Safe a Family - Family Development Programme:Promoting self-reliance and sustainability of families ORIGINS. Save A Family Plan is a Canadian-based international non-governmental organization founded by Monsignor Augustine Kandathil in 1965 (50 +yrs ) “The Poor Deserve the Best “ -Father Gus. SAFP encourages those from developed countries to work for justice and social change by assisting poor families and communities in India. SAFP uses two main programs that work to teach families how to support themselves and build a better future for their communities. SAFP’s volunteer base has been one of its greatest strengths. More than 10,000 volunteers have provided a committed network to ensure that aid reaches those who need it most at the grassroots level. SAFP IS COMMITTED TO SEEKING JUSTICE AND WORKING WITH THE POOR OF INDIA REGARDLESS OF CASTE, CREED, GENDER OR POLITICAL AFFILIATION. SAFP Harvesting Goodness. Helping Families in INDIA Stand on their Own.
  • SNEHA HASTHAM - Sneha Hastham Cancer Prevention and Care Campaign. Sensitization of the program in the districts and form group of volunteers. Promote awareness drives, campaigns and street plays. Observe Cancer day, cleanliness day and signature campaign. Dissuade usage of plastic bags. Promote plastic free villages. Promote backyard kitchen/terrace gardening to raise organic vegetables. Organize rallies on specific subjects. Target communities comprise mostly rural and urban populations in the operational areas.

Training Centres

  • Training Center - HASSS can be a great help to you in arranging your meetings in Hyderabad at very affordable prices. We have seminar halls for rent and provide all kinds of high-class amenities like a professional staff, a great culinary team, huge and spacious meeting halls, decorations and what not! We also have comfortable rooms for accommodation of executives and delegates within our facility. Facilities include Events & Meetings(AC Hall 1:50 Seating Capacity), AC Conference Hall with round table for meetings: 20 Seating Capacity, Non AC Hall 1:130 Seating Capacity, Non AC Hall 2:60 Seating Capacity, Lecture Hall : 30 Seating Capacity, Computer Lab with 20 Advanced Computers. Comfortable Accommodation - Double Occupancy AC Rooms - 4, 7 Dormitories with total 42 beds, Dining Hall - 100 Seating Capacity, Fresh Homely Food.
  • HASSS Overseas Education - GRE(Graduate Record Examinations), TOEFL(Test of English as a Foreign Language), IELTS(International English Language Testing System), PTE(Pearson Test of English)
  • Beautician Course - HASSS aims to provide scientific and systematic training to individuals aspiring to pursue a career in Cosmetology. It was established with an vision to provide vocational training to women in the art of Makeup. As efficient, credible and valued as any other vocational course, these courses range from a Foundation Course to an Intensive Course on specialized subjects. The academy trains on various aspects of Hair, Makeup and Beauty, with the aim of meeting individual requirements. Upon successful completion of the courses, the alumni are readily accepted by leading brands of the relevant industry. A few exceptional students have started in their own Entrepreneurship journey.
  • IAS Academy
  • Digital Marketing

Report on Bankable Business Summit 2022

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On 8 th July 2022 Bankable Business summit was conducted by HASSS in collaboration with Fincare advisors to promote entrepreneurship among the Christian faithful in the archdiocese of Hyderabad at St. Marys College of Pharmacy auditorium Secunderabad. His Eminence Cardinal Poola Anthony was the chief guest and Mr. A. Issac George, CFO and Director, GVK group as Guest of Honour. The program was inaugurated by His Eminence cardinal Poola Anthony by lighting the lamp and watering the plant. In his speech he said that the pandemic has created havoc and left many on streets without jobs and it is praise worthy that such summit encourages people to be motivated to stand on their own feet.

The main purpose of this program was to bring a fair idea about all the MSME schemes and how to start an enterprise as a business owner and how a collective group of entrepreneurs can initiate a cluster.

HASSS which was established in 1973 has been engaged in multiple community development programs to achieve sustainable development goals of its beneficiaries. In this Journey we have Identified the need for promoting entrepreneurship and how it can help in nation building. There was an esteemed presence of 250 participants who were actively immersed in listening to the inputs given by Mr. Sumanth Perumala, presentation about Identifying purpose of business was an Eye Opener to the Participants and was well received and accepted by Business Owners. There were two sessions on Improving MSME business processes one was on Digitalization by Mr. Lakshmi Narasimha Moorthy, CEO, Niche Brains India Pvt Ltd and the other was on Enhancing Operational Efficiency by Mr. Nilesh Desai, Founder, SMEA Analytics Pt Ltd. Dr. S. Anand Reddy, an ex- seminarian turned Chairman, ISTD, Hyderabad enlightened that Entrepreneurship is not just for Entrepreneurs, every manager and executive in the organization should be enterprising. words of gratitude were expressed for all the collaborators and sponsors. The curtains of the program came down with the mesmerizing musical performance of Mr. Ram Miryala.
- Fr. Madanu Anthony

Inaguration of Beautician Course on the Ocassion of World Womens Day on 08 March 2022.

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Caritas Regional Assembly was Conducted at Montfort Social Institute, Ramanthapur.

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Medical Camp organised by HASSS

24 th July 2022 was a day of blessing for all the poor sick people who participated in the medical camp conducted by HASSS at St. Mary’s Basilica Secunderabad with the encouragement of His Eminence Cardinal Poola Anthony, Archbishop of Hyderabad and the chairman of HASSS. The medical camp began with an opening prayer by Rev. Fr. M. Arogyam and Msgr. Y. Balashowry, Parish Priest of St. Joseph's Cathedral, the chief guest of the day, explained the sad situation prevailing in the medical sector. The medicine is unreachable to the poor because of its rise in the cost. Msgr. also appreciated HASSS and Hands of hope organization who came forward to give free blood checkup, X-ray, scan, eye checkup, dental checkup and free medicines. The camp started at 9.30 am and closed at 4.00 pm. There were 215 people who participated and benefitted from this program. Rev. Fr. Madanu Anthony the executive director of HASSS thanked Mr. Kennedy and Samson who made this camp possible within a short span of time. Fr. Victor Emmanuel the chancellor of the diocese has expressed appreciation on behalf of His Eminence cardinal Poola Anthony.